What Ghost Around, Comes Around-- Part 1

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

A few weeks ago, my friend Kiki texted me late one Tuesday night.

“I’m sorry if you’re asleep,” she began. “I just needed to tell you. I had a visit. Jeff came and spoke to me while I was sleeping.”

While it’s actually not at all unusual for our dead best friend to come hang out with us in our dreams, it turns out that this particular visit was a bit different. Jeff had come to warn her.

Kiki lives in Las Vegas with her husband Ryan. The couple recently moved to a new apartment after living in the same place for years. Jeff’s arrival came shortly after their move in day, and he came bearing the news that my friends weren’t alone in their new apartment. He said there was a “wandering or lost spirit” also residing inside her walls.

Soon, strange(r) things began happening.

The blinds in the master bedroom would rattle when there wasn’t any kind of airflow coming through the space—a vent or open window, for instance—causing them to move. Kiki told me that her bedroom has two windows, each fitted with the same set of blinds. But only one of the window’s blinds would move at any given time. “They just seem to start and stop whenever,” she said.

A few days later, my friend mentioned that she felt something touch her leg while she was in the bathroom getting ready for the day. And later, she and Ryan got into an argument when he insisted that he could hear her passive aggressively whispering and saying things under her breath. (She wasn’t!)

While he was initially skeptical, Ryan soon began having his own spooky experiences. He encountered the rattling blinds and even eventually spotted what he described as “a shadow figure” one day when he was home alone.

While she was out driving one afternoon, Kiki spotted a psychic shop near her apartment complex that she had never noticed before. Having a good feeling about it’s sudden appearance at such a difficult moment, she made an appointment to speak with one of the business’s clairvoyants.

During her visit, the psychic told her that the spirit was possibly a child and while she didn’t believe that the unwelcome houseguest was malevolent, she said the spirit would drain Kiki of her energy. She advised Kiki not to stay in the apartment for more than a year.

Kiki was initially prepared to be kind to the spirit—to share her space and even help it if that was warranted. (To aid in its passing on? Maybe check on the health and well-being of its living relatives? Perhaps investigate a deeper mystery by paging through ancient microfiche at the public library? Insert your favorite spooky movie trope here.) She tried talking to it a few times and asked it not to touch her, but the spirit was never clear and upfront with its intentions—and it kept on phantom-touching my friend. She was certainly, understandably, more than a little freaked out.

But how does one map out a clear set of rules, a roommate agreement of sorts, with an entity that’s not of this world? How do you effectively set boundaries with a ghost? Will it even understand or respect you?

Throughout this whole affair I sought out the wisdom and advice of more seasoned experts. The first person I reached out to was Medium, Intuitive and friend of my (real life) coven, Adela Lavine.

Adela earned my respect and trust a few months ago when she held a seance, a personally powerful life changing experience, at Club Coven headquarters, Bearded Lady's Mystic Museum in Burbank, California. (But, more about this in a later post.)

Adela and I corresponded over Facebook Messenger and her feedback complete immediately altered my perspective about what kind of spirit/ghost/poltergeist/entity that my friend could be dealing with.

That’s not a child, they don’t do that,” she said, referring to all of the creepy touching. “Spirits do not need our help nor do you have to live with them.”

While it’s unlikely that whatever is in her home is evil—as that is very rare, Adela said, spirits that are behaving as disruptive as this one should be removed. She advised me to have Kiki check out her YouTube channel for her video on ridding your home of paranormal activity.

(She mentioned that there are more involved cleansing measures that can be taken if this video did not help, but she thought it would be best for Kiki to give it a try herself first.)

Over the next few days, Kiki and Ryan tried a few different methods to quiet things down, but began by following the instructions on Adela’s videos to a T. They burned white sage and methodically went from room to room in an effort to clear out any negative energy.

Kiki bought protective stones from the psychic shop, placed some around the apartment and began carrying one with her whenever she went into her bedroom bathroom, where the majority of the activity seemed to be taking place.

After a day or so of quiet, she felt something grab hold of her ankle while she was walking through her living space and even felt a cold spot below her knee on the same leg. Kiki said she could feel an entire hand on her leg and that the grip felt tight and strong. She also reported that she was beginning to feel exhausted all of the time.

“I wish you were here to help me through this,” she said.

One of my oldest, closest friends, Kiki and I have been pals since the 6th grade. I empathized with how scared she must be and was worried for her. Even with her husband there with her, I knew that having a touchy-feely ghost for a roommate couldn’t be easy.

Me and Kiki at age 12

Us, May 2019

While I certainly don’t have any experience with banishing problematic spirits—I thought that we could at least try. And if witchcraft didn’t do the trick, then I could at least be there to comfort here and help her pack if she needed to vacate her home in a hurry.

Las Vegas is essentially just far enough away to be too much of a haul for a week-night visit. So I agreed to go spend the following weekend with her.

My husband, Phil, is a bonafide skeptic about all things supernatural. Still, given the rundown on my friend’s recent encounters with the unknown, he immediately expressed his concerns with my trip.

“In the movie version of this scenario, you’re the weird friend from another state who gets murdered to drive the story into the third act,” he said.

I replied with assurances that I was likely (*hopefully*) a protagonist in this story and not a secondary character.

This story continues in What Ghost Around, Comes Around--Part 2.

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