Waitstaff Witchcraft

One of my jobs, is a common ground - the restaurant industry. While the job comes with many perks, it is also notorious for the problematic clientele, worrying about tips, and becoming stressful overall. These are a few of my tricks that I’ve used the past few years that have worked for me!

Charm your money carriers

As seen below, this is my coin bag. Since I only really use it to give change and it never sees the guests, and coworkers rarely ever give it any attention, I decided to give it some sigils and symbols that attract wealth. Plus, I always carry a charmed penny in this one!

Speaking of charms… 

Make a charm bag

I always carry this one with me. It stays in a separate pocket, most of the time not in my apron, but in my pants pockets. Wether I have the little charm bag with me or not, I always make it a point to have at least one of these on my person when going into work.


  • three lucky pennies {prosperity, luck}

  • Acorn {prosperity, luck, abundance, protection}

  • Hematite, either a stone or I wear my ring {absorbs negative energy, calms in times of stress, turns negitive into positive, improves concentration, good for circulation, clears the mind from negitive thinking patterns}

  • Howlite, a stone, I wear mine around my neck {reminds one of the true goals and ambitions, brings peace, offsets rudeness & offensive behavior}

  • Smokey Quartz(not pictured) {soothing, grounding, can help to bring solutions with problems, especially buisness related, wearing smokey quarts will draw money}

  • Pyrite {money, luck, prosperity}

  • A green satchet. I didn't have green at the time, but I used what I had.

Lastly, I scrawl sigils all over

This goes back to, charming where you hold your money. I hold all cash that is given to me, as well as the slips that carry my credit card tips in my book, shown below. I again, use the sigils that I feel work best for drawing in money, like the money sign, the Earth symbol, this sigil(not my own), and a sigil I made for myself with the affirmation, “I am positive and motivated at work” that I’ve always found to work pretty well for me! 

Sigil: "I am positive and motivated at work"

If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to know! Good luck my friends, and may all the prosperity you need come your way!

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