New Moon, Who Dis?

When you were little, one night you looked up and became hypnotized by the twinkling of the stars and glow of the moon. Do any of us remember the first time it happened? Or were we all just born understanding the concept that there is hard Earth beneath our feet and weightless sky above our heads?

I spent my summers as a child lying in the cool dewy grass, staring up into the darkness, seeking out the moon’s bright familiar face. In school we mapped its cratery surface, studied why it pulls at the seas, how it stays afloat in space. But in the more time I spent coming to understand the rules of this big white rock, I only became more mystified by it.

Until one day, I forgot to look up? Or I just didn’t care to. I don’t know when it first happened or why, but I can remember a period of years, through my adolescence and early twenties, where I lost track of the moon.

The past 6 months or so I have come to measure time and ritual by the phases of the moon. In rediscovering the magic of my world—and my wonder in exploring it—I’ve learned more about reflection, renewal and honoring myself.

We sometimes lose our way, but when you’re a witch, there’s always an opportunity for a fresh start. The New Moon rises in Virgo tomorrow and it’s a perfect time to commit to something new, focus on your growth and evolution and fulfill your unique spiritual needs.

Can you FEEL that New Moon energy?

What special ritual or rituals are you performing this New Moon? How do you intend to honor yourself?

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