Money Bowl Spell For Good Financial Flow

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Though having a large sum of money land in your lap is always nice - it's even nicer to feel like there's a constant flow in your bank account for some stability and piece of mind.

If you're more of a video and visual learner, I have a video of my money bowl spell here, and the printable grimoire page, here.

As stated above, this spell isn't for surprise checks in the mail or finding $100 on the ground - it's to stir up the flow in your finances, meaning a healthy flow of money coming in and out of your pocket. Usually, when money spells are on our minds, it's because we're a little stuck in that realm, and I get it! I've been there, we all have! That being said, having a lacking mindset, or feeling like we must clutch to every dollar we come across tends to do more harm than good. It's a difficult thing to release the fear of, but I promise, the universe is willing to answer if you just ask.

What You'll Need

For the spell, I used the following:

  • a green bowl

  • a plate to set the bowl in the middle, and add coins around(optional)

  • green candle(optional)

  • prosperity oil(peppermint, cinnamon or simple olive oil will do!)

  • money incense

  • pen and paper with ripped edges(no machine cut edges)

  • pennies; or any coin that is lucky in your currency

  • cinnamon sticks

  • pyrite

  • green pice of sea glass

Keep in mind, other than a bowl of some type and some pocket change, none of these things are required. Use what you have on hand, don't stress if you don't have exactly what I used.

Some notes:

  • It is not traditional to use a candle inside a money bowl like I do here. This felt right to me, so I went with it.

  • Money incense can be anything associated with money, personally I like pachouli if that's all I have. This was used to cleanse the items and space, so if you only have a cleansing spray, sage, etc, these things will work just fine.

  • I picked a color of pen that is associated with money and abundance. Personally, I went with gold. Silver and green work great too, but if a black pen is all you have, that works perfectly!

Beginning The Spell

Now that you've gathered all of your things, do what ever it is you like to do before beginning putting your spells together. Cast a circle, cleanse the space, meditate, or whatever it is you like to do to get in the 'magic mood.'

  1. To begin, understand specifically why you are putting this spell together. Set the intention.

  2. Next, cleanse your items, taking special care to cleanse your bowl.

  3. Activate/charge/enchant your bowl to represent where your money goes. Maybe this is specifically your wallet, pockets or bank account, maybe it's all three.

  4. With your pen and paper, write down specific things your money bowl will bring to you. Write these in the form of a command, or as if it already happened. (Example: "I have a steady financial flow that keeps me supported.""Money flows into my life easily and abundantly.""I have a strong and steady money flow from my art business.") Write as many things as you like, and once you're finished, turn your paper to your right and sign your name across your petition three times, like you're signing a check.

  5. Add in each item, activating the items for the intent you have for each one going into your bowl. (Example: I used currency from another country, because I will have abundance in more currencies than my own. I used cinnamon to add speed to the bowl, and making is so passion is what attracts more money to me.)

  6. Once you've added everything you feel you need to add into your money bowl, stir it up in a clockwise direction.

  7. This step is optional, but if you have a green candle, anoint the candle and you may choose to burn it in the bowl(be sure it's on something that won't allow it to drip all over in your bowl!) or you can burn it next to your bowl. This can be anything from a green birthday candle to a 7-day glass candle.

  8. Lastly, this is the most important step. Don't allow your bowl's energy to become stagnant. This means that you must work it every so often. To work your bowl, toss some pocket change in there, add more cinnamon, light another candle or burn some incense around it, take some of the coins or dollars out of the bowl and spend it: you want this to be a flow of money, you're not trying to hoard the money that comes to you. You may work this however often you feel you need to.

And that's the spell! It's a very easy spell, I think it's fun to do as well. It's worked wonders for me, and many people reaching out to me have gotten wonderful results as well. I would love to see photos of your own money bowl you created! Post them here, on this post, or share them on Instagram with the hashtag #wonderlustcoven so we can see your take!

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