How to Get Started in Your Craft

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

It's really overwhelming to leap into this endless void of information and opinions, but after reading this you'll have at least one place to start, and feel a little less anxious about leaping into it all. We're in this together.

Research. Learn. Study.

First and foremost, this is the most important piece of it all. This path is built off of wisdom and skill, the best practitioners understanding that they will never know it all - and that's okay.

Pick a topic - any topic: crystals, herbs, history, lore, mythology, divination, etc, and just dive in. Start with one thing, take notes, and you'll watch this new world unravel before your eyes. Don't try to learn a hundred things at once, you'll drive yourself mad. Instead, take a deep breath, pick something that has always interested you, and start with a Google search.

From there, I urge you to cross reference everything. This seems tedious, but because spirituality is so broad and wide, there's endless beliefs of what is and isn't true or correct. A book may state "this," while a person you meet states "that," and then blogs say something else, and so on. Try not to get too overwhelmed with it all. Take everything with a grain of salt and see what resonates with you.

Don't Get Hung Up In Labels.

Green witch, wizard, druid, necromancer - they're all just labels. It's fun to find your people, don't get me wrong! But when you're first starting out, you're already overwhelmed with information, you don't need one more thing to stress about. Trying to find your label is like trying to find that clique in high school. Not worth it. You'll natrually find what you're drawn to in your practice, what works best for you and in that, your label and people will come. Even if the word 'witch' doesn't feel great for you, don't use it. Your practice shouldn't define you.

Start Small.

Tools, while are not needed, tend to help focus your intentions. I always suggest that beginners use a pen and paper for spellwork, at least at the foundation of a spell. This helps you get your intention from the foggy thoughts and uncertainty, to a physical form and a clear statement. Write intentions, goals and future manifestations down, and you'll be surprised to see that you've already begun casting!


There's a reason this is called a practice. Just like you can't become Gordon Ramsay over night(that'd be legit witchcraft though), you can't become an expert practitioner over night either. By practicing, you'll find the things the do and don't work for you, the methods you enjoy and the way the practice helps you personally to enrich your life. It all comes with time and practice.

Enjoy Yourself.

That classic ending on "and have fun!" I know - but if you're not enjoying your practice, it's probably not enriching your life; which is kind of the whole point. Sure, cleansing and protections and whatnot can be somewhat of upkeep and a chore at times, but the practice as a whole should give you a sense of power, of peace and of joy. Enjoy your practice, because it's all yours.

Being new can be overwhelming and stressful, but just try to take everything with a grain of salt, and drown out the rest of the noise. This is for you, and no one else.

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