Creating Your Own Spells

Updated: May 25, 2019

It's difficult to just whip up a spell whenever you feel like - especially at first. Spell work is a complex and consuming task, but I think we commonly over think it.

Clarify your intention.

Before anything else, your intention needs to be something specific, and understood completely before anything else can take place. Write it down, say it aloud, whatever you need to do to solidify the intention that is at hand.

Gathering supplies.

The moment you decide to cast the spell - the spell has already begun. Gathering tools, you are already in the working of spell work. Take these things into consideration when choosing supplies and the method for your spell:

  • How much energy will this spell take? How big is this intention?

  • What method should I use for this intention? Jar spell? Candle magic? A spell doll? A ritual bath? What would best symbolize my intention and goal in the physical realm?

  • What corresponds to the intentions I have? Colors? Herbs? Stones? Items?

  • What do I have on hand that I could use?


I will admit, there are not many things I say are a 'rule' in casting or spiritual working - but balance is inevitable. Be it you offering some wine or candy to your spirits, deities, or simply using the manifestation you received to give back - I highly advise you to keep balance in mind when choosing spell work. Maybe you manifested $1,000. Giving back might be something like donating change to the little box at the grocery store, or giving your friend gas money from that sum. Perhaps you needed it all for rent, so instead you planted your favorite flower in your garden and offered it to the spirits who you asked for help in that manifestation. If you don't balance the same amount of energy back from which you took, the universe will fill that hole however it sees fit. Everything exists in balance.

Divination before the casting.

It took me longer than it should have to figure this one out: divination before spell casting of any kind. Be it a tarot reading, a pendulum session, a simple asking spirit for insight on the act of casting this spell - it has allowed me to dodge many bullets. Despite how good your intentions may be, spirit can see things that you may not. A quick reading never hurts before any spell. Trust me on this one.

Don't over think it.

Personally, I don't use rhymes or chants(even though I'd love to write good, catchy spells) in my workings. This is a personal practice, so if you love writing rhymes, or maybe you like loud music for your casting, maybe you need silence, or you like casting in your car - whatever the case may be, go with it. Don't worry about what the methods that book said you must do, or the strange woman at the store told you needs to be implemented into your casting. It comes down to how you send the energy of your intention to the universe to receive, and how you do it best.

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