Dark Moon Banishing Spell

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Personally, this last month of May gave me a lot of baggage that will just weight me down, and there's no better way to start off the month of June than with a good New Moon banishing spell.

This is a super simple way of releasing some unwanted energy muck that can be done whenever you like, but I find it gives the spell some good power when done during the dark moon. The dark moon phases are extremely good for work involving banishing, sending away, or binding. It's good for destructive workings - and don't take the word 'destructive' badly. Sometimes, having something destroyed, or in kinder words, deconstructed, is absolutely necessary.

A toxic relationship, stagnant energy building up, an unhealthy routine or cycle that you've discovered in your life: these things shouldn't be built on, they should be deconstructed. Now that being said, working with the dark moon tends to have a good shove in your work, so don't use the dark moon for smaller things.

For instance, if you have someone who's a little annoying, banishing their contact with you using the dark moon energies might completely have them move away, or drop off complete communication with you.

As for the spell, it's incredibly easy, and I truly only used a total of 5 things:


  • A small black cloth bag

  • Black thread or string

  • Salt

  • Paper + pen

  • Crushed eggshells

  • Black candle(optional)


  1. Write down the things you want to rid yourself of. Keep it short, and to the point. (ie, "my bad habit is banished from my morning routine,""my ex John Doe will seize communication with me and my family.""the bad luck streak ends now").

  2. If you have a banishing sigil, you may turn your paper to the left, and draw this over your commands. If not, you can skip this step,

  3. Turn your paper to your left, as you are sending things away from you, and write your name over the commands three times, like a check. This is signifying your power over these things.

  4. Sprinkle salt in the paper, and enchant it to absorb the negative energy surrounding the situations you've written.

  5. Fold the paper away from you with the salt inside, until it becomes a small package.

  6. Tuck the paper into the pouch, and enchant your eggshells to protect you from any other energies from this situation that may still come your way. Place charmed eggshells in the bag. If you can, I suggest to fill the bag.

  7. Tie or sew your pouch closed, as you do this, say, "I bind this situation inside this bag, and inside this bag it will remain." Say this until you have finished sealing your bag.

  8. This is an extra step, but if you wish you can do this as well. Light a black candle and ask the energies of the dark moon to aid you in ridding yourself everything inside the pouch.

  9. Now, you can either burn the small charm bag and release it, or be sure that you've put all of it into your bag and throw it away in a dumpster that is not your own. I'd suggest not to bury it, as burying a spell is to keep something as is, and in this situation we want to rid ourselves of something.

That's it! Simple, fast and effective. I hope you have a great New Moon and let me know if you try this out! Best of luck.

~ Olivia

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