Candle Spell For an Upcoming Conversation

I used this spell for clearing the waters with some people I felt there had been a miscommunication with. You can use this to help ease a conversation that may be difficult, or help open the conversation up to be more honest and true. 

Tools & Ingredients:

  • A yellow candle(white will do as well, something small like a chime candle, or tea light. Even a birthday candle. Depending on how big you want the spell, you can do a pillar  candle, but this would be a very in-depth working if you chose to do so.)

  • Paper & pen

  • Names & birthdays of all involved

  • Carving object(knife, toothpick, your nail, etc.)Anointing oil(olive oil works fine, but I used chamomile for manifesting and peace)

  • Salt (to absorb negative energy)Lavender(to bring peace and understanding to the conversation)

  • Best to preform on a Wednesday, sometime before noon. This isn’t mandatory, just gives the spell a little *oomfph*.


Tell me what I need to know all your feelings out to show problems between us will be solved negative energies be dissolved.

Preforming the spell:

Gather your tools. Cleanse your space. Cast your circle if that’s what you like. Write the names and birthdates of all who you is involved, including yourself. Carve a sigil, or words such as “understanding,” or “communication” in your candle, along with the initials of all involved. Anoint your candle, and dress in lavender. If you cannot dress your candle, sprinkle the salt and lavender in a clockwise circle around your candle.

Set your candle in a holder and recite the affirmation if you wish. Light your candle, and recite the affirmation as many times as you like.Let your candle burn down, meditating on how you will approach the conversation, what points you would like to be understood and being open to the other persons feelings and views. Let the candle burn down, or close it by blowing it out. 

You can of course modify this as you need, being that no two situations are the same. Do your best to end on a positive feeling, knowing that whatever the situation may be, the outcome will be where you will come to a mutual understanding. 

I've used this spell a few times before, and all of my outcomes have been positive, so hopefully it will be the same for you!

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