Can Christians or Catholics be witches?

Absolutely! (Let's be honest, Catholics already have the witchy thing going anyway. Altars. Candle lightings. Chants. Robes. Every Sunday is like a coven meeting!) Think of it this way: Pagans have their gods, they pray to, give offerings to, spend time with, and adore. The Christian God and Catholic saints are the same. You're already practicing witchcraft. You have protection with song, community in the church, candles for each saint, and you have a sacred book that provides protection. The Bible is the best spell book you'll ever have! The way I was taught, the Bible is one of the most powerful spellbooks.

What about 'black magic?'

The term, "black magic," is, well... racist - magic has no color. Magic is a tool. It is like a hammer - you can build a beautiful house with it, or hit someone over the head with it. Magic itself is neither good or bad, it is up to the practitioner. Also stop using the term "black magic."

Can men be witches?

Yes. "Witch" is not limited to the feminine, though in society it has been more on the feminine side. Men can absolutely be witches. The original meaning of the word 'witch' is "wise one."

Do I have to call myself a "witch?"

No. You don't have to call yourself anything to practice. It's your own practice. I personally like to just refer to myself as a practitioner, not always a witch. Witch, practitioner, magician, sorcerer/sorceress; whatever works. Wizard is fine too, but just know that that term came strictly from a fantastical sense historically, and was never used in an actual magical practice up until recently.

How do I know what kind of witch I am?

Labels are just that - labels. To me, they aren't as important as you finding your path. I personally only put any weight on a label when they are a bage of initiaion or of status earned, such as a priest or priestess. While labels are fun, and you can call yourself a 'green witch' or a 'necromancer,' you don't need to feel limited to these. Don't limit yourself. You are, and can be, whatever you need to be that day. Back a century, there were no labels, they were all just practitioners.

I'm a beginner. Where do I start?

First off, why do you want to start? Second, whats the first thing that interests you? History? Lore? Spirits? Herbs? Pick one, and study. Study. Research. Read. And read some more. 90% of this practice is learning and research. If you are able to find someone who is offering to teach, then you can perhaps pay a teacher to go further into your endeavors. Cross reference, and take everything with a grain of salt. Go in with an open mind, and form your own opinions and beliefs with what you've learned. Understand it's okay to be wrong sometimes, because that will happen. Lastly, document everything. Spells, resources, readings, herbs, etc. Write down everything.

What books would you recommend?

I find it hard to recommend books, being that everyone's path is so different. I could recommend a book on folk magic when you are actually wanting to learn about ceremonial magic. I could recommend moon magic books, when you don't work with the moon. See where I'm going? The best thing to do, is to read everything you get your hands on. Pick your subject you want to start on, and start turning pages! However, this doesn't seem to be a good enough answer for most people, so luckily, Temprance Alden has a video of her list of great beginner books here.

Are witchcraft and Wicca the same thing?

Yes and no. While the word "wicca" technically does mean "witchcraft," the way we use these terms today do not usually mean the same thing. Witchcraft refers to an umbrella of spiritual practices and energy manipulation. The definition of witchcraft is the manipulation of natural energies, there for, making witchcraft a practice. Wicca is a religion, founded by a man named Gerald Gardner in the 1950’s. In short: Wicca = religion and witchcraft = practice.

What about the "Three Fold Law?"

This is a Wiccan belief, meaning people who are not Wiccan do not usually abide by this.

What's the difference between "Magic" and "Magick?"

Aleister Crowley used the spelling 'magick' to differentiate the occult from stage magic such as pulling a rabbit form a hat. Really, there is no difference, and no right or wrong way of spelling.

Will you mentor me in spirituality?

No. I am a student myself, and do not offer any mentorships.

Can I purchase a reading/spell from you?

No. I am not a professional spiritual advisor or reader of any kind. However, I can point you in the direction of some wonderful people who do offer readings, spell work and other supplies: Mystic Dylan - spellwork, tarot, psychic Adela Lavine - inuitive and medium Conjured Cardea - spellwork, readings, spiritual supplies Magickal Lady Duchess - spellwork, readings, spiritual supplies Inexplicable Things - spellwork, spiritual supplies Hoodoo Delish - spellwork Blood Moon Bruja - spellwork, readings, spiritual supplies

How I find a coven?

I'm just going to assume you're still in your beginner state of practicing, and due to that, I'd say it's best to stay solitary for now. Having a group of people you can learn alongside with or gain different perspectives from is great, but joining a coven is a whole other ball game. When you are a beginner it's best to find your own foundation, and not allow a coven or group to build a foundation for you based off of their own beliefs and systems. You are moldable when you are just beginning. Save joining a coven for when you know what you want out of a group of people you'd trust everything with. Choosing a coven should never come lightly.

About Olivia

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado in the US.

What got you into witchcraft?/When did you know?

There was always a pull to the occult, and I found myself pulled to the mysteries of cultures and religions and beliefs around the world, and curious of things unknown. Really, it just snowballed. One thing lead to another and eventually I just looked back and realized, "oh. I'm a spiritual practitioner now." Evenrually I learned more and more by reading diverse books and seeking out those who practiced much longer than I and took any courses they offered, or consumed any information they gave.

How long have you been pole dancing?

I started dancing in 2015.

What gear do you use for your photos & videos?

I started filming videos using my iPhone and iMovie. Eventually I saved up and upgraded gear as I went. These are my current gear items: Vlog Point & Shoot Camera ➤ Main Camera ➤ Microphone ➤ (Shotgun mic, current one I use) (LAV for sitting and talking) 17-55mm f/2.8 Lens ➤ 50mm/F1.4 Lens ➤ 35mm/F1.4 Lens ➤ Tripod ➤ Editing ➤ Premier Pro

How can I support you?

Check out the support page! Also, in any of my videos, there are usually affiliate links to anything I mention, and buying through those will not cost you anything extra, but a small portion will go to me if you use my specific links!


Where do I start if I want to start pole dancing?

Look up classes in your area, and take the plunge. If you want, see if you can convince a friend to join you! In the US, you must be 18+ to take classes though some studios allow people under 18 with the signed consent of a gaurdian. If that's not available to you, check out any aerial arts, such as lyra or aerial silks, or even flying yoga. All of those can help build muscles and important skills for pole dancing. I have a video where I answer commonly asked quesitons about pole here.

Do I have to be strong/flexible/skinny/athletic to start dancing?

Nope! I wasn't strong, flexible or nearly athletic enough to keep up with my first few months of classes. If you find the right studio with the right teacher, your first class will be challenging but rewarding. Everyone has different limits and body types, so be patient with your limits and celebrate your accomplishments.

I want a home pole - where do I get one?

I highly recommend Xpole. Do not get a pole from a store like Spencer's, or one of those plastic poles. Do your research before purchasing a pole, and be sure you have it installed correctly. A quality home pole is not cheap, but not getting a safe home pole may result in more expensive hospital bills later.

Can I teach myself pole at home?

Yes, though I don't recommend it. There are many online tutorials with good teachers, but having a teacher with you allows you to have someone correct your form so you don't injure yourself, help give pointers on how to improve or tips to help you if you're struggling, and most importantly - spot you when doing dangerous tricks! Though I understand taking classes is not always an option for everyone, but I do strongly recommend trying to take a few before leaping into pole brand new, ore especially when working on strength-based moved such as inverts, climbs and other tricks.

How long did it take you to get (insert move here)?

Every move, spin and trick will be different for everyone. I had a friend perfecting a trick the first time she learned it in class, while it took me months to get myself even strong enough to attempt, where my floor work came easy to me, when my friend stuggled with it much more. Everyone's pole journey will be different, so don't stress about what you can't do, and just get excited for that moment you surpise yourself and bust it out!

How can I improve my dancing?

Two things: record yourself, and practice!! The videos don't have to be public, nor do you ever have to show anyone, but recording yourself allows you to see what worked well, and what didn't. How something feels when executing it, and how it looks, are two different things. Recording yourself can give you a better idea of that!

What heels do you recommend?

For beginners, I'd suggest starting with 5" or 6" heels, but no larger. Going higher than 6" required ankle strength and flexability, and can absolutely cause a twisted or broken ankle if not walked in correctly. Short heels are much safer and just as fun! I generally wear the brand Pleasers, but there are other brands you can play around with.

Can men pole dance?

Absolutely. There are plenty of men who pole dance, and no, it doesn't have anything to do with their sexuality.

Can I still pole if I have a bigger body shape?

Yes! I have had students and teachers of all shapes, sizes, genders and ages. If you need some insperation, check out these wonderful dancers on Instagram: @cosmic_orchid @rozthediva @meschii @curlycurvydiva @thefamousmsvegas<