Wonderlust [wonder • lust]:

• To crave knowledge; the desire to understand.

• An undying state of curiosity.



Create. Travel. Wonder.


I'm Olivia. I'm a traveling creator - which is just a fancy way of saying I couldn't pick one skillset so I just went with all of them. 

I grew up in Colorado and currently live in Los Angeles, California. I'm a pole fitness instructor, photographer, filmmaker, and practicing witch.


I strive to inspire others to invoke their curiosity about the universe around us in a form of creating and documenting my travels and knowledge I collect along the way. I believe there is no balance or mindfulness without the knowledge and understanding of the universe and the beings around us. Intentional living is the modern phrase for this, I believe. I'm hoping that by learning, teaching and providing a starting point and some tools, everyone can be excited to continue on their journey to becoming the best they can be, and sharing their gifts that they have to offer while living enriching lives of their own.


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